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camppal winter camping tents

Camppal winter camping tents

Camppal Winter

Camppal was created for people who have great passion and deep love for camping and outdoor adventure, from the year 2004 to today, with more than 16 years of existence, we have been doing everything possible to provide our valued customers the best outdoor product and excellent professional service to meet your camping and outdoor adventure needs, Camppal is highly inspired and lived to be your best outdoor camping companion you can count on wherever you go. for outdoor camping and adventure, as a global camping-oriented and customer-oriented brand, we are fully committed to far exceeding customer expectations and will be dedicated to serving outdoor enthusiasts, lovers, fans, campers, hikers , adventurers around the world.

Camppal Professional 1 Person 4 Season Mountain Tent Super Wind and Rain Resistance Lightweight Backpacking Tents Waterproof (MT053)

This is a very high quality professional four season one person mountaineering tent that you can count on wherever and whenever you go for outdoor camping regardless of outdoor weather conditions.

The coating on the outer fly with the waterproofing value of 3300mm, which is high and good enough to prevent water from entering the outer fly of the tent even in the heavy rain, while the heavy-duty aluminum pole construction and the ripstop fabric that greatly helps to prevent strong wind in bad weather from tearing in a big storm that surely keeps you safe and intact inside the tent regardless of the change of outdoor weather conditions.

The tub floor design raises the bottom of the tent to protect you from wet grounds.

The tent is easy to set up, freestanding allows you to move and relocate the tent without having to take it down.

This tent comes with a loft that allows you to organize your personal items inside your tent.

Keep your goggles, flashlight, bug spray, and other light gear off the floor of your tent, but secure and within easy reach.

This gear loft attaches to your tent’s rings or loops to become a storage rack.

Gear Loft is the practical and versatile way to keep your small, most essential gear close at hand. Help organize your gear on your next outdoor adventure.

The crossover pole construction design creates the right space inside the tent that allows you to move around and even sleep inside the tent comfortably.

The practical and useful design of the underskirt allows you to wear it in winter under snowy weather, even in the hot summer, you don’t have to worry that the underskirt will block the ventilation, in fact, we have thought of everything for you, we have specially designed the little strings along with the underskirt that will allow you to roll up the underskirt and tie there for better ventilation, so you can see that we have made every useful and practical design and features gives you the best user experience with our store, this It really is the ultimate four season perfect single person mountaineering tent.

The outer fly of this tent can also be used separately as an awning without an inner tent.

Demonstration of each innovative design and practical feature of this detailed mountain tent as follows:


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